Welcome to Kids Kab

We are the vehicle for Kids Dreams, to keep them Mobile and Motivated

The Kids Kab Mission

We are a non-profit , 501c3 tax exempt organization,  with a mission to support, empower and cultivate youth by providing safe, inspirational and educational activities and transportation for school-age children. 

Our vision is  to enhance and positively alter the vantage point of children living and going to school in high-risk areas. To become a support system for families who want to provide their children with experiences that challenge and change their outlook on life and their goals. 

We need you!

Basketball league updates

Winter Basketball League Registration Closed

For: Boys and Girls 

Ages: 5-14

Cheer: $30

Basketball: $40

Registration Deadline: December 17, 2017

Complete one registration per child

Registration is complete. More information will be provided via email, text, phone and Facebook.

Our Programming

Mobile Mentors

Kids Kab Mobile Mentors is inspiring and motivating year-round transportation to activities aimed to enrich and educate children's lives. In addition to the educational and motivational curriculum, Kids Kab Mobile Mentors works to help families enhance and manage their children's extra-curricular and enrichment activities and educational commitments. 

Recreation Basketball

Kids Kab offers a competitive recreation basketball league in the winter and the summer. These two opportunities had over 150 children to participate in both their first season. Children ages 6-18 can participate, boys and girls. Playoffs and championships are also a part of the season.


The Skill-Fit program is designed to inspire, motivate, teach and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle and create a habit of working out and living well in children. Skill-Fit sessions are divided into two categories, Skill Development and Fitness. Our skill development and fitness mentors work with youth to help them reach their fitness, wellness and skill development goals. 

Mobile Meals

The Kids Kab Mobile Meals program aids in the fight against childhood hunger and obesity caused by poor eating habits. The main goal of this program is to fill the gaps in the provisions for children living and going to school in Franklin and Southampton  and to provide meals delivered to where the children are in open sites throughout the summer and after school.