Keeping Kids Mobile, Motivated

Our Mission

To support, empower and cultivate youth by providing safe, inspirational and educational activities and transportation for school-age children. 

Our vision is to enhance and positively alter the vantage point of children living and going to school in high-risk areas. To become a support system for families who want to provide their children with experiences that challenge and change their outlook on life and their goals. 

Our Leadership

Executive Director, Charles (C.C.) N. Cooper, Jr. 

Board of Directors

PRESIDENT - Jackie Robertson 

TREASURER - Will Councill
SECRETARY - Rod Charity
DIRECTORS OF COMMUNITY OUTREACH -  Elder Kevin Smith, Dominique Tyler and Anthony Wiggins 

The Need

Children living and going to school in high-risk environments are more vulnerable to neglect, hunger, abuse, poverty, anxiety and physical health problems. Additionally, a majority of these children are not exposed to athletics, dance, art, music and other extra-curricular activities due to lack of transportation and minimal financial means. Many of these children reside in rural communities where experiences and adventures are limited and ultimately restrict a child's imagination and progress. Children who do not participate in extra-curricular activities are more likely to skip school, have more unexcused absences, lower G.P.A.s and are 3 times more likely to perform below par on tests.

These same children are being reared in what are known as food deserts. Hunger and malnourishment are serious problems that will lead to physical health conditions, anxiety, behavioral issues and fear. The effects of childhood hunger and malnourishment can follow children well into adulthood and are likely repeated generation after generation. Food insecurity is real in Virginia homes where over 300,000 children go hungry each year. In our local community alone nearly 75% of the children attending school qualify for free or reduced lunch, meaning their guardians cannot purchase food to meet even the minimal nutritional components needed for optimal growth. The effects of childhood hunger are linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and a myriad of emotional and physical illnesses.